Broker covenants

By joining this website you agree to the following covenants without exception. You agree and understand if found in breach of any, this could result in your expulsion from this community.

1) You will properly identify yourself and company if working for one.

2) You will provide accurate as possible details in your posts. You can post exclusive or non exclusive property.

3) You will in a timely manner, respond to any requests for details and offer submissions.

4) You will post property details as accurately as possible and notify interested party of any changes, if aware of them.

5) You will indicate who pays broker fee, Seller or buyer and if you know, what that fee shall be. If fee will be based on level of final purchase price, you will indicate that.

6) You will be courteous, honest and willing to share your property with any member of this community at anytime.

7) You will indicate if Property can be shown or not.

8) You will submit any offer upon receipt and furnish response in a timely fashion.

9) You are fully liable and responsible for any property details you post on this website and any interactions you have with others, members or non members, before, during or after your use of this website. We are indemnified fully against and actions or claims brought by you or any 3rd party representing you as well as, any brought against you by external parties.
10) If a fellow member's client circumvents them and goes direct to the source of your listing and you are aware of this breach, you will tell that member they are recogized and protected for a fee in the deal if it is purchased by their client.