Buyer covenants

The following covenants are understood and agreed to by you if joining this community. You understand and agree, should you be in breach of any of these, it can lead to your expulsion from this community. That determination will strictly be at the final determination of us as moderators and operators of this community.

1) You will honestly and specifically describe purchase needs and requests.

2) You will identify properly if you are acting strictly as a buyer or both buyer and broker.

3) You will willfully supply any offering material requested of you.

4) You will submit proper and truthful offer materials as, if and when requested from you.

5) You will respond to queries and requests in a timely manner.

6) You will under no circumstance, unless allowed by member of this community, circumvent any member of this community who sends you or introduces you to a property first or re- introduces you to one you had passed on prior, renewing your interest in it. This rule applies to you and anyone you share such property details with. You agree and understand you will be held liable for full fee payable to said member in the event of any such action, if you or anyone you share such property with, purchases it. This fee will be subject to member discretion solely, who has been subject to said breach.