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Welcome to the real estate community! We welcome you. Please enjoy utilizing this realty community website, it was designed as a platform marketplace for you to grow your business or find a hot property for rent or sale!


We love to have you join this community BestBrokersClub if interested in an alternative positive,friendly community where we conduct business of real estate in a way as we should,with sincerity,compassion,love and transparency. As facilitators and moderators of this community, we will not allow or tolerate any less than these attributes and modes of behavior. Members will enjoy transacting in a family environment where members watch out for one another and treat and care for one another in a positive, loving way. No games, no politics,no ego just friendliness!

For too long the industry has only been a "one game only in town field", here we have created and offered to all who are interested, a positive, fantastic community as an alternative to that situation and reality. Here there is no circumventing and if it occurs, members will protect and help one another. Here members will share information on such actions freely and openly with one another, safeguarding each others positions in deals and rooting out problems as they arise for smoother cleaner transactions. Here there is no lack of responsiveness or attitude problem or delay or withholding intentionally of offers or requests for details, here we will not allow such behaviors or tactics, not today nor any day. Here members will openly and willingly share all properties for rent or sale which they post in this community and willfully partake in fee sharing or allowing other members to be paid by their clients if they cannot split a fee with them from their seller. Here members will work as a unit in practice and in theory, transparency and responsiveness will not be exceptions, they will be the norm. We believe and know, all of us can work together in a proper way,in which we all can derive benefits, in which we all can win and this is why and how this community was created, with these thoughts in mind to offer such an opportunity to it's members. If interested, we always welcome you to join and take that deep breath sigh of relief as we try to bring the business back to how it should be, fun,friendly not confrontational, not adversarial,not riddled with greed and negativity, but a place of comradery and togetherness. PLEASE COME JOIN US TODAY!


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