Seller covenants

By posting your property for rent or sale on this website you agree to the following covenants. You agree and understand should you be found in breach of these covenets you can be removed from this community.

1) All Property details are to be as accurate as possible. If details change, you will indicate them accurately as possible.

2) You clearly identify if you are sole decision maker/owner of property sale or have partners as well.

3) You clearly identify if you will be acting solely as a Seller or also seeking a piece of the broker fee.

4) You will indicate if Property removed from sale or sold when and if such occurs.

5) You will give timely response to offers.

6) You will clearly indicate if you are offering a broker fee upon sale and what fee that will be. If fee shall be subject to final purchase 
price level, indicate that.

7) You will furnish requested materials when requested and if cannot will explain clearly why.

8) You will make showing requests available when requested and if cannot show, will clearly explain why.

9) You will communicate honestly to questions.

10) You will pay fee agreed to, if agreed you are to offer fee.